choices: I

A few years ago the author held conversation with a former Nazarene pastor and while informative the answers sought were not delivered in a precise manner; in fact, avoiding same (as politicians do) indicated a lack of knowledge on that particular subject.

So, once again the question is asked, only this time the answer is given by the author (based upon that unwritten). Employing the term hypothesis will suffice, as those playing judge, jury and executioner cannot fathom anything not available to them in print, indicating their aversion to truth, or any resemblance thereof.

Indoctrination begins in grammar school, or by those that keep children while the parents work. This is quite dangerous for the child, regardless the rhetoric from governmental support entities, as such have there heads so far up the ass while becoming quite wealthy and looking down there collective noses at those relying on (not really, as minions (diabolical entities) within societal framework are the problem some form of support that never existed . . . never! Understand? No, and you never will by choice.

*Note: Will attempt to clarify the answer on the next post.